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  • Everyone: HARRY NO
  • Harry: HARRY YES


Bo Burnham, Egghead


Bo Burnham, Egghead

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can’t stop won’t stop


can’t stop won’t stop

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You need not be Christian or Jewish. Wiccan or Muslim. You need not be atheist or a polytheist. You simply must be righteous, compassionate, and modest. And your soul shall be sent to where you believe.


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Sun and Moon Eclipse Engagement Ring and Wedding Band, by WingedLion





how terrified do u think harry would be if his scar started hurting again tho like omg

harry potter age 35 gets a sinus infection that causes shooting pains into his forehead he is next seen…

“This may surprise people, but it is the truth. In many, many ways, Hufflepuff is my favorite House. There comes a point in the final book where each House has the choice whether or not to rise to a certain challenge… The Slytherins, for reasons that are understandable, decide they’d rather not play. The Ravenclaws: some decide they will, some decide they won’t. The Hufflepuffs, virtually to a person, stay – as do the Gryffindors. Now, the Gryffindors comprise a lot of fool-hardy and show-offy people. That’s just the way it is. I’m a Gryffindor, I’m allowed to say it. There’s bravery and there’s also showboating, and sometimes the two go together. The Hufflepuffs stayed for a different reason. They weren’t trying to show off. They weren’t being reckless.  That’s the essence of Hufflepuff House. Now my oldest child, my daughter Jessica, said something very profound to me not very many days ago actually. She said to me – and she, by the way, was not Sorted into Hufflepuff House – but she said to me, “I think we should all want to be Hufflepuffs.” I can only say to you that I would not be at all disappointed to be Sorted into Hufflepuff House. So I’m a little upset that anyone does feel that way.”  -Jo Rowling

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